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Customer Journey Mapping to improve User Experience - GroupQuality
Understand how customer segments interact with each of your touch-points throughout the decision making process. Spend the time and resources on those assets and services that make a difference to your bottom line.
User experience customer journey decision points - GroupQuality
I identify how customers behave at each decision point in the customer's journey, and better align your marketing and user experience budget to facilitate a customer transition from discovery to conversion.
User experience customer persona - GroupQuality
Build a clear picture of your customers using activity based personas. Help everyone in the organisation stay on the same page. Ensure everyone understands how actions and day to day activity effects the customer's experience.
User experience customer journey touch-point ecosystem - GroupQuality
Build a birds eye view of your touch-point ecosystem to understand the influence each contact moment has on the customers experience. Better focus your efforts on contact moments which have a higher return on investment.
Mapping user experience day in the life - GroupQuality
Identify where you can adjust your digital strategy to better fit the lifestyle and day in the life activity of your customer segments. Be proactive with your user experience to help customer achieve their goals.

Digital Opportunities

Identify how digital assets can be used to improve the user experience, and understand where automation of the experience can improve operational efficiency.

Targeting Messages

Know where to target and concentrate your marketing effort. Identify specific messages by segment that would assist the customer at each stage of the decision making process.


Identify Inhibitors

Identify points in the customer journey resulting in a poor user experiences, leading to loss of conversion opportunity and resulting in a detracting net promoter score.

Customer Segments

Build a persona profile of your customers and understand how different customer segments interact with different channels, and identify how each touch point supports the needs of each segment.

Customer Onboarding

Identify where in the customer journey you can improve the customer on-boarding process. Identify action needed to improve the user experience to drive conversions and positive word of mouth .


Consistent View

Provide a clear and consistent picture of the customer’s journey across the whole organisation. Ensure everyone is on the same page and making decisions to support the digital transformation objectives.

Differentiate Products

Discovery new ways of differentiating your products and services in the markets with the unmet needs by introducing touch points that directly address those needs.

Align Distribution

Understand which channels of distribution are preferred by customer segments, and align touch points to support their preferred method of purchase.

Resource Investment

Understand where you need to introduce new skills, resources and supporting processes that address fundamental gaps in the market and in customer’s journey.

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The GroupQuality Customer Journey Mapping Process

Define your Digital Transformation Objectives

Objectives »

Define your digital transformation objectives
Identify key touch points, behaviour & dependencies

Experience »

Identify key touch points, behaviour & dependencies
Building the desired customer journey model

Model »

Building the desired customer journey model
Developing processes, skills, digital assets & strategy

Action !

Developing processes, skills, digital assets & strategy

Customer Journey Mapping

  1. Objectives workshop
  2. Customer research & insights analysis
  3. Online user experience research
  4. Data analysis and web metrics
  5. Customer sentiment analysis
  6. Customer journey mapping
  7. Digital strategy development
  8. Digital asset wire-framing
  9. Online usability testing groups
  10. Functional requirements documentation
  11. Business case development
  12. Customer journey tracking
  13. User experience benchmarks
  14. More about our methods…
GroupQuality Digital Transformation Objectives

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GroupQuality agile user experience innovation underpins journey discovery.


Supported Technology Innovation

Innovative online customer and user experience insight tools.


Customer Journey Research

Experts in online qualitative and quantitative customer research.


Strategy & Mapping Methodologies

Validated and quantified customer journey metrics and data.


Crowd Sourced Participants

Demographically defined segments & quality screened panels.

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