Understanding User Experiences

GroupQuality consulting helps businesses drive digital change by identify the needs and expectations of their customers. We build a picture of the customer experience using an evidence based approach of data collection, market research, customer journey mapping and the user experience.

GroupQuality Customer Journey mapping

Journey Mapping

We map the customer Journey to help you identify the processes, skills and digital assets needed to transform your organisation.

GroupQuality User Experience Testing

Remote User Experience Testing

Online usability and user expereince research to help you improve and validate the user experience for web & mobile touch-points.

GroupQuality Customer Persona Consulting

Customer Personas

Research validated customer personas to define your target segments and improve the customer experience at each touch-point.

GroupQuality Customer Co-Creation

Customer Co-creation

Online methods to collaborate with customers on new product or service development by actively sharing ideas & experiences.

GroupQuality Ideation Consulting

Ideation Communities

Agile ideation uses quality assured consumers panels from demographically defined segments to create, refine and validate ideas.

GroupQuality Customer tracking and metering

Customer Metering

Unique methodology facilitated by innovative technology to enable the tracking and metering of user behaviour across multiple touch-points.

GroupQuality Wireframes and Prototypes

Wireframe Creation

We create and test wire-frames for digital assets as a critical step in testing the user experience & validating customer decision points.

GroupQuality Digital Strategy Consulting

Digital Strategy

Experienced strategy consultants will work with your team to develop a digital strategy which delivers you digital transformation objectives.

GroupQuality Digital Transformation Business Case Development

Business Case

Sometimes you need help getting your digital transformation up and running, we help you define, document and pitch your digital strategy.

GroupQuality Metrics and Data Analysis

Data & Metrics Analysis

Quantitative and qualitative touch-point analysis is used to monitor and improve touch-point processes efficiency and customer sentiment.

GroupQuality Functional Requirments gathering


Its not enough just to identify digital assets! We use online community methods & user validation to identify & refine functional requirements.

GroupQuality Stakeholder Customer Journey Education

Stakeholder Education

Education of your internal & external stakeholders helps to get everyone on the same page. We help identify and educate key people.

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